Motorcycle Crash Reminds Riders To Stay Safe

Alaska State troopers have yet to determine the cause of a motorcycle crash that took the life of a 29-year-old Wasilla man when his bike collided with a Jeep Wrangler. The driver of the car does not appear to have been injured in the crash.

This terrible tragedy reminds motorcycle riders everywhere of the importance of safety when operating a two-wheeled vehicle.

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Remind motorcycle riders everywhere of the following safety tips:

  • Take a class. Taking a motorcycle safety class is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your passengers on a bike. Motorcycle classes are available in many locations and teach not only basic safety and operation but also defensive driving tactics that can help you avoid accidents.
  • Watch for other drivers. It may be the other person’s fault if you get into an accident, but that is not going to keep you from getting hurt! In fact, if you are involved in a crash while you are riding a motorcycle and the other person is driving a car, the chances are that you will be hurt far more severely. Yield to other drivers, even if they are not in the right.
  • Slow down. Speed is an important factor in many motorcycle crashes. Slow down and take a little time when you are driving to give yourself an extra second or so to react. Remember that many motorcycle crashes are single-vehicle accidents, and many of these involve excessive speed.
  • Never drink. Drinking is a primary factor in many fatal motorcycle crashes. Drinking and driving is even more dangerous when you ride a motorcycle than when you drive a car because you are more likely to take risks. Never drink alcohol then ride.
  • Wear protective gear. A helmet, pads and other safety gear can provide some degree of protection if you are involved in a crash. While helmets and pads will not prevent all injuries, they do help you minimize the severity of these injuries and possibly avoid some of the worst physical damage of a low-speed crash.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Barber and Associates, LLC for a review of your case to determine if you may be able to collect damages. Motorcycle accident victims may be able to collect payments for their medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other costs associated with the crash.

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