Truck Accidents: Special Evidence Requirements

In any vehicle crash it is important to collect evidence to support a personal injury claim, but in truck accidents this means some very specific types of evidence of which many people are not aware.

In order to protect your rights and your ability to recover compensation when you have been the victim of a trucking accident, it is important to have the proper support for your case. Barber and Associates, LLC, personal injury attorneys in Anchorage, have years of experience in handling truck accident cases and know how to collect and save the information you need to support your claim.

How Are Truck Accidents Different?

When you are involved in a car crash, there are certain standard pieces of evidence you will want to collect. These include the driver’s license of the other driver, the police report and any copies of medical records and bills as well as copies of other receipts for your expenses. You will also want to have documentation for your car’s damage and the cost to repair it.

However, when you are involved in a crash with a commercial truck, there are other pieces of evidence that you need to collect and that may be difficult for you to obtain on your own. These include:

  • Trucking company corporate structure. You need to know who owns the truck, if the driver is independent or an employee, and even who owns the cargo on the truck. This information is vital if you are going to file a lawsuit against any or all of these people or organizations.
  • Truck driver history. You will also need the driving record of the other driver. This record is very important as it will show if the driver has any other violations with this company or any other trucking firm.
  • Driving logs and records. Commercial drivers are often required by federal and state law to keep logs of the amount of time they spend on the road. It is important to have access to these records to determine if the driver was in compliance with required rest breaks and other regulations.
  • Physical evidence. You will need photos and other evidence about the truck itself. You may also need the help of an accident reconstruction expert to explore what happened to cause the accident.

Barber and Associates, LLC in Anchorage is ready to help you collect and preserve the evidence you need for your truck accident case. Call them today for more information.

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