Head-On Collision May Have Involved Alcohol

A head-on collision involving a van and an SUV in Anchorage, Alaska, may have been due to alcohol use on the part of one driver. One vehicle was traveling north on Seward Highway when another vehicle pulled out and hit the first vehicle head-on. The two drivers of the vehicles were transported to the hospital for treatment, where the injuries were determined to be non-life threatening.   The police continue to investigate the accident and believe alcohol was a contributing factor.

Alcohol-Related Accidents in Alaska: A Costly Crime

The cost of alcohol-related accidents in Alaska is staggering. Twenty-three percent of the costs of all road accidents are attributed to alcohol. Alcohol-related accidents are often deadlier and more serious than other crashes.

A fatal drunk driving crash can cost the driver and the state millions of dollars, especially when factoring in the value of any victim’s life. Worse still, there is no way to truly repay a family for the loss of a loved one. Even if there is no loss and life and only injuries incurred in the crash, the cost of a drunk driving accident is still extreme. The average cost of an alcohol-related crash where injuries occur is $123,000. Therefore, every time someone drives impaired, he or she runs the risk of causing injury to others and incurring extreme costs.

As a driver’s blood alcohol content or BAC rises, so does the cost associated with accidents. The average cost of a crash in Alaska when the driver’s BAC was.08 to .09 was $5.60 per mile, while a crash involving a driver with a BAC of .10 and above costs an astounding $13.00 per mile.

Overall, the cost of drinking and driving cost the average Alaskan $1.00 per alcoholic drink consumed compared to $0.60 per non-alcoholic drink consumed.

Time for Justice for Alcohol-Related Crashes

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