Woman Seeks Judgment Against Husband’s Estate for Motorcycle Injuries

In late June 2014 Madison County woman Dawn Ferguson filed suit against her deceased husband’s estate, seeking over $50,000 for medical bills and injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. The lawsuit alleges that the accident was caused by her late husband, Michael T. Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson lost control of his motorcycle and veered off of a Fairbanks, Alaska highway, causing his death and his wife’s injuries.

Mrs. Ferguson, in order to collect money to pay for her medical bills

Is suing her deceased husband’s estate. While not as common as lawsuits against strangers, lawsuits against family members have been known to be filed, particularly when the negligence of a loved one causes injury or death to a family member. Mrs. Ferguson seeks to obtain money to pay for medical bills and other expenses. She filed her suit a little less than two years after the accident occurred.

Since the statute of limitations in Alaska varies depending on the type of claim filed, Alaska residents need to be aware of the nature of the claim they want to make. For example, a medical malpractice suit has a different statute of limitations than a wrongful death suit. Each type of suit must be filed within the time limits set by the statute of limitations in order to be valid.

Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents in Alaska

Each year more than 32,000 motorcycle riders use Alaska roads. Most of these vehicles are never involved in accidents. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, of the people who are involved in motorcycle accidents, the fatality rate is almost 25 times higher than for those involved in automobile accidents. Riders and passengers on motorcycles are often killed or seriously injured instead of sustaining slight injuries.

If a family member is the one driving the motorcycle, the situation can become complicated. If the family’s insurance is willing to pay for the costs of the accident, the victims may not have any trouble paying medical bills and other expenses. On the other hand, if the insurance company refuses to pay or there are other circumstances that make it impossible for a family member to collect payment, then the surviving passenger may have no choice but to file a claim on the deceased’s estate.

What If I Am Injured On A Motorcycle?

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