Alaska Rodeo Community Bans Together to Help Accident Victims

The Alaska rodeo community is a close-knit group, and when it came time to help their fellow rodeo riders Michael Sunderland and Ryan Palmer, the community came out in full force.

Sunderland and Palmer were injured in an automobile accident on June 3rd when their vehicle rolled off an embankment and hit a tree. Both men were ejected from the vehicle and sustained traumatic injuries. Luckily, a group of wildland firefighters and a U.S. Air Force physician just happened to be passing the scene and rendered aid to the two men.

Sunderland, who continued to be on life support for over a month, will hopefully make a full recovery in time. Palmer was released to rehabilitation services a few days ago and is expected to make a full recovery.

The rodeo community has come together to raise money for the ever-increasing medical bills for the two men. The group has raised over $5000 in donations so far. The western riding and rodeo community in Alaska has been compared to a large family: if one member is hurting or in need, the entire group will band together to help.

Statistics on Motor Vehicle Accidents in Alaska

Although Alaska’s motor vehicle deaths have decreased from 98 in 1990 to 64 in 2009, motor vehicle accidents have increased over half a million nationwide in the last year. Some theorize that this increase in accidents may be linked to issues such as distracted driving or alcohol. However, further studies need to be conducted before there can be a definitive answer as to why there seem to be so many more accidents now than in the past.

Alaska ranks relatively low overall in alcohol-related traffic deaths with only 3 of the 64 deaths contributed to high BAC (blood alcohol content) percentages. However, the number of deaths attributed to distracted driving was considerably higher, with 26 out of the 64 deaths linked to this factor.

What if I am Injured In An Automobile Accident?

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