Can Green Tea Really Help Spinal Cord Injuries?

The health benefits of green tea have long been a source of study and research. So far, research has shown that green tea is healthier than most alternative teas. Antioxidants found in green tea are claimed to be at least 100 times more effective than vitamin C in protecting cells and DNA from damage by … Read more

Does New Army Helmet Hurt More than Help?

New Army Helmet Hurt

Military personnel require the right type of headgear to protect themselves from injury. The risk of receiving a head injury is increased in an environment where explosions or stray bullets are commonplace. Loud noises can often lead to traumatic brain injuries and some experts agree that the shockwaves generated from explosions can damage the brain. … Read more

What Happens in Other Countries When Companies Put Profit Over Safety

When Companies Put Profit Over Safety

In New Zealand this week, a concrete company in Christchurch was ordered to pay approximately US$110,000 in the death of a 47 year old worker killed by the operator of a forklift machine which had inoperable headlights, front indicators, brake lights, front hazard lights, horn, screen washers, front wipers, overload buzzer, and four different brands … Read more

Case Examines Safety in a Public Ice House

Case Examines Safety in a Public Ice House

Whose fault was it that a tourist fell and broke her hip walking down stairs made of ice at the Chena Hot Springs Resort? Documents in a lawsuit filed by nurse Mary (Kathy) Fontenot of Church Point, La., the tourist who fell, argue two distinct points of view.  Fontenot was touring Alaska with her son, … Read more

Danger: This Glass Entrance Was Hard To See

This Glass Entrance Was Hard To See

Owners of the Mall at Sears in Anchorage settled a lawsuit brought by a woman who was injured when she walked into a large piece of glass at a remodeled entrance to the mall. Personal injury attorneys Barber and Associates, LLC represented the woman. They contended in their complaint against the mall owners, Carr-Gottstein Properties, … Read more

Plane Crash in Atigun Pass Injures 4

Plane Crash in Atigun Pass Injures 4

A sightseeing tour by plane can be a memorable and special experience. Wild northern Alaska is perfect for sightseeing flights as you admire the isolated landscape and the stunning views. However, a crash can lead to serious injuries and leave victims with little chance of recovering compensation. Officials confirmed that a sightseeing flight crashed recently … Read more

Are Woodpeckers Important to Brain Injury Prevention?

Are Woodpeckers Important to Brain Injury Prevention

Woodpeckers can be as one of the most annoying creatures in the animal kingdom. They sound like a miniature jackhammer and their noise can ruin a quiet peaceful morning. The woodpecker uses its beak to search for food such as insects that are hidden within the tree sap. While this sound may annoy some, new … Read more

Lifebridge Conference on TBI

Lifebridge Conference on TBI

Lifebridge Health recently announced that The Sinai Rehabilitation Center and the Comprehensive Sports Concussion Program at the Sandra and Malcolm Berman Brain and Spine Institute will be hosting their annual fall conference. The conference will focus on mild traumatic brain injuries and concussions and the series will be called “The Evolving landscape in Treatment of … Read more

Mechanical Tissue Resuscitation Could Limit Damage After TBI

Mechanical Tissue Resuscitation

Neurosurgery Magazine released a study of “Mechanical Tissue Resuscitation” Which suggests that vacuum pressure applied over a brain’s injured area may create a safe and effective treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The procedure’s possibility was announced in a report by Wake Forest-University based researchers. However, the procedure requires more research and development before it … Read more