Avoiding Holiday Injuries

Avoiding Holiday Injuries

The holidays are one of the most common times of year to suffer injuries. Most people are in a hurry trying to enjoy the delights of the season and are not necessarily thinking about safety, but this is also the time of year that you need to be most careful! The personal injury attorneys at … Read more

The High Cost of Delay

The High Cost of Delay

When someone is injured in an accident, he or she may delay in hiring a personal injury attorney or filing a claim. This is often because the victim does not believe he or she has a case or is confused about the process of filing a personal injury claim. Additionally, insurance companies may cause delay … Read more

I Did Not Think I Was Injured

I Did Not Think I Was Injured

Personal injury lawyers hear certain statements quite frequently, and one that is often repeated in a personal injury attorney’s office is, “But I did not think I was injured!” This statement is usually in response to a question such as, “Why did you refuse medical treatment?” or “Why did you not go to a doctor?” … Read more

“Smell Cells” A Cure for Spinal Cord Injury?

Smell Cells

An incredible discovery may have long-term impact on the treatment of spinal cord injuries or SCIs. A man who was paralyzed after a knife attack is up and walking after he underwent surgery to implant nasal cells responsible for the sense of smell into his spine, according to recent report. Darek Fidyka, 38, was stabbed … Read more

School Bus Accident Reminds Everyone of Safety

School Bus Accident

A recent crash between a school bus and a car in Anchorage serves as a good reminder that school is back in session and drivers and students alike need to be very careful to avoid injury. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the accident which took place at the intersection of Northern Lights Boulevard … Read more

Son Of Christopher Reeves Announces SCI Breakthrough

Son Of Christopher Reeves

Most people know that Christopher Reeves, the actor made famous for his role as Superman, suffered and died from a debilitating spinal cord injury after a horseback riding accident. What many people do not realize, however, is that his son Matthew has carried on the support of research into SCIs and is heavily involved in … Read more

Shockwaves Through Brain Could Help Estimate Risk

Shockwaves Through Brain

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade have taken their toll on soldiers in terms of brain conditions when they return home: over 300,000 military personnel suffered from some type of traumatic brain injury on their return to the United States. This is caused by the almost constant exposure to loud explosions, … Read more