Avoiding Holiday Injuries

The holidays are one of the most common times of year to suffer injuries. Most people are in a hurry trying to enjoy the delights of the season and are not necessarily thinking about safety, but this is also the time of year that you need to be most careful! The personal injury attorneys at Barber and Associates, LLC in Anchorage see quite a few personal injuries around this time of year and want everyone to have the information they need to stay safe! Here are a few tips for you and your family to enjoy a safe,healthy and happy holiday season:

Do not drink and drive.

  • Drinking and driving is probably the single most preventable cause of holiday accidents, particularly serious or fatal ones. You cannot control what other drivers do, but you can use a designated driver, encourage your friends and family to do so and, if necessary, take a friend’s keys to prevent a tragedy. Monitor alcohol consumption when you hold a party and never let a guest drive drunk.
  • Be careful when hanging lights and decorations. Slip-and-fall accidents often occur on level ground due to ice, water or other slippery substances. However, another type of slip and fall is known as a “different level fall” and occurs when someone falls downstairs, off a ladder or from one height to another. These are particularly common at the holidays when people are trying to hang decorations, string lights and put up other items on their roofs, eaves and walls. Always use a solid ladder and make sure that you have a helper standing by to steady it for you. Never climb on a chair or other unsteady object to hang anything.
  • Watch where you step. Snow may be beautiful for the holidays, but icy walks and steps cause accidents. Be sure to clear your walkways before you or guests try to navigate them, and be aware of ice accumulation in public areas as well.
  • Drive carefully. Icy roads lend themselves to accidents. Be sure to drive defensively; better yet, stay in if possible.
  • Avoid fire hazards. Lights, candles and other sources cause this time of year to be the most common for home fires. Avoid electrical problems by following directions for lights and discarding worn strings. Watch cooking carefully. Do not use open flames; instead, invest in LED candles and bulbs.

The attorneys at Barber and Associates, LLC in Anchorage wish everyone safe, happy and festive holidays!

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