How to Preserve Evidence After an Injury

How to Preserve Evidence After an Injury

A key component of just about any personal injury case is the preservation of evidence. If you can actually prove that the defendant was at fault and that their action caused you to be injured, you’ll be in a much better position to be compensated for your pain and suffering. With that in mind, here … Read more

Crash With Pizza Delivery Guy on Wet Road Leads to $11 Million Award

Crash With Pizza Delivery Guy

A woman with long-term brain damage stemming from a vehicle collision with a pizza delivery man on a wet road has been awarded $11 million by a jury. The Case at a Glance The crash occurred on a rain-slick road when the pizza driver crossed the centerline and struck the victim, then 49, head-on. The … Read more

Man With Cervical Spine Injury Settles for $26 Million

Cervical Spine Injury Settles

A lawn care worker paralyzed from spinal injuries after being thrown from a pickup truck has settled claims with several corporate defendants for over $26 million. Here’s What Happened Working for lawn care company TruGreen, the victim went off a road during a rain storm in a pickup truck owned by the company. Just 28-years-old … Read more

Can Robots Help Spinal Injury Victims Regain Function?

Can Robots Help Spinal Injury Victims Regain Function

There’s incredible news from Brazil suggesting that some people with spinal injuries can regain sensation and mobility by doing a bit of “brain training” with a robot-like machine. The Research at a Glance Working with patients who had problems with motor or sensory function in their lower extremities, researchers trained them to actually visualize moving … Read more