Crash With Pizza Delivery Guy on Wet Road Leads to $11 Million Award

A woman with long-term brain damage stemming from a vehicle collision with a pizza delivery man on a wet road has been awarded $11 million by a jury.

The Case at a Glance

The crash occurred on a rain-slick road when the pizza driver crossed the centerline and struck the victim, then 49, head-on. The incident resulted in a host of injuries for the victim, including brain damage and post-concussion syndrome.

Victim and Her Lawyer Successfully Prove Fault

During the three-day trial, representatives for the parent pizza company, Papa John’s, insisted that the driver’s truck hydroplaned on the wet road yet managed to stop before actually being struck by the victim’s car.

Their theory, however, melted away when the victim and her lawyer showed jurors evidence gathered at the scene that clearly showed the pizza driver’s vehicle was in motion.

Jurors reached their decision on the verdict in less than four hours.

Tips for Driving on a Wet Road

According to AAA, wet roads lead to almost 1.2 million vehicle crashes every year. With that in mind, here are a few tips for navigating those slick roads.

  • Don’t use cruise control.
    Cruise control is great for dry conditions. But when the roads are wet, the chances of losing control go up rapidly. Wheels can lose their traction in the blink of an eye.
  • Cut back on the speed and give yourself a bit of room.
    Your chances of hydroplaning are greatly reduced on a wet road when you ease up on the speed. If you’re running a bit late for a meeting, just remember that it’s better to eventually make your appointment rather than missing it altogether because of an accident.

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