Drunk Driver Flees Scene of Accident; Faces Additional Charges

A Juneau man who was driving drunk is in even more trouble after being indicted by a grand jury for leaving behind his injured passenger after crashing the car.

How It Happened

On March 19, Juneau police officers responded to a host of 911 calls about a man with a bloody face beside an upright car in the middle of a road. Once there, they learned that the man was the passenger in the vehicle and the driver had fled in a second vehicle.

The injured man was taken to Bartlett Regional Hospital for the treatment of his injuries. Interestingly, the driver actually showed up at the hospital around the same time seeking treatment of his own.

Later, police obtained a search warrant and conducted a blood test on the driver at his home. His blood alcohol content (BAC) was 0.121. Here in Alaska, the BAC limit is 0.08.

Charges Faced by the Driver

In addition to being charged with driving under the influence (DUI), the driver is facing charges of third-degree assault and leaving the scene of an accident.

He did admit to officers that he had several “pulls” of whiskey before getting behind the wheel. As for why he split the scene, he said he had been urged to do so by other friends.

Poor Decisions Caused by Alcohol

Getting behind the wheel of an automobile while drunk is an incredibly bad decision, as is leaving the scene of an accident, particularly one in which your friend has been injured.

In a story published by Psychology Today, experts said that while people who are drunk may be aware of their behavior, they’re simply less bothered by the consequences of it.

In other words, while you’ll be aware of your mistakes, you won’t care.

If You’re Injured by a Drunk Driver, Call Barber & Associates

While we’re thankful both young men are still with us, things could have very easily turned out much worse. Alcohol and driving simply do not go together.

If you’ve been hurt by a drunk driver, we urge you to get in touch with us here at Barber & Associates.

There’s never a charge for the initial consultation, so get in touch with us at 907-276-5858 or by email.

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