Actor/Funnyman Jim Carrey Sued For Wrongful Death

Actor/Funnyman Jim Carrey Sued For Wrongful Death

The husband of Jim Carrey’s late girlfriend has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the actor/funnyman stemming from her suicide last year. The case, however, may be a difficult one to win. We’ll tell you why here.

What Happened To Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend?

Cathriona White dated Carrey for a couple of years even though she was married to Mark Burton at the time. In fact, she and Burton married in 2013. Tragically, she took her own life in September 2015 by taking a host of different prescription medications.

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Wreck, Spinal Injuries Lead to Largest Personal Injury Award in Colorado

Wreck, Spinal Injuries Lead

A car wreck that involved spinal cord and cervical injuries has led to a $52 million award – the largest personal injury award in Colorado history.

The Case at a Glance

As the victim was riding in her 1994 Honda Civic, another driver attempted a U-turn and drove across the median before crashing into the victim’s car. The Civic rolled multiple times, causing the woman to suffer the spinal cord and cervical injuries.

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Man Who Fled A Deadly Wreck Loses $7 Million Wrongful Death Case

Man Who Fled A Deadly Wreck Loses

A rear-end crash caused by a man in a speeding pickup truck led to the death of a man in another car and a wrongful death lawsuit award of $7 million for his widow. The Case at a Glance The accident occurred when the victim’s vehicle – stopped at a traffic signal – was slammed … Read more

Rise of Drugged Driving Causes Alarm for Highway Officials

Rise of Drugged Driving

According to a USA Today article, the number of traffic deaths that involved at least one driver testing positive for illegal drugs or prescription medication has nearly doubled over the course of the last decade. Drugs Emerge As Significant Factor in Crash Causes With information provided from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the article … Read more

You’ll Never Guess What Happened on This “Death Trap Escalator”!

Death Trap Escalator

The family of a man who was strangled to death after his clothing became ensnared in an escalator has received a settlement of $1 million from King County, Washington.

The Case at a Glance

As the 42-year-old victim was nearing the bottom of an escalator at University Station, he fell and the drawstring on his hooded sweatshirt became caught in the moving steps, which caused the rest of his clothing to become trapped.

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