If You Think Teens Are Most Dangerous Drivers, Think Again!

If you think teens are the worst drivers on the road, you’re in for a surprise. A new report from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that the most dangerous drivers on our highways are actually young millennials (19-24).

In this issue, we’ll find out what young millennials are doing that makes them such dangerous drivers, and see if they’re the only ones we should be on the lookout for.

What Young Millennials Doing That Makes Them Such Dangerous Drivers

The report issued by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety – a nonprofit organization for research and education – found that roughly 88% of young millennials had engaged in “risky behavior behind the wheel” at least once over the previous 30 days.

What’s risky behavior? The report specifically singled out speeding, running traffic lights and texting while driving.

Are Young Millennials Only Group of Dangerous Drivers?

Before we begin pointing fingers at the young millennials in our lives, we should look in the mirror. That’s because the study from AAA Foundation found that other age groups were not far behind in terms of bad driving habits of their own.

Age Group Engaged in Speeding, Red Light Running or Texting While Behind the Wheel
19-24 88.4%
25-39 79.2%
40-59 75.2%
16-18 69.3%
75 and older 69.1%
60-74 67.3%

Just How Dangerous Are Our Highways?

Earlier, we brought you news of traffic death rates skyrocketing overall in the U.S. and in Alaska particularly.  The upshot from both articles is that motorists have more and more distractions (cell phones, etc.) vying for their attention and many of us are lulled into a false sense of security of rural roads where drivers have a tendency to go faster and not wear their seat belt.

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