You’ll Never Guess Why This Garbage Collector Settled for $11 Million

A garbage collector who was injured on the job after being pinned against his own garbage truck has settled his personal injury case for $11 million.

We’ll talk about the specifics of the case in this issue.

The Case at a Glance

The victim had just left his post at the rear of his garbage truck to pick up trash from a house on a rural road. Behind the garbage truck was a commercial wood-chipper truck.

Both trucks idled on the road for a few moments when a passenger car came up behind them. After confirming there was no oncoming traffic, the passenger car attempted to pass both trucks but the chipper truck pulled out unexpectedly and struck the car on the passenger’s side.

The car spun clockwise and pinned the garbage collector against the sharp tool used to lift trash cans onto the back of the garbage truck.

While both of the garbage collector’s legs were severely injured, he lost most of his right leg.

Thankfully, a U.S. Army combat medic came upon the scene of the incident shortly after it happened, and was able to apply a tourniquet to the victim’s leg – essentially saving his life.

The Settlement

Initially, the victim’s lawyer filed suit against the trucking company, it’s driver and the driver of the passenger car. The passenger car driver was originally named in anticipation of the trucking company trying to assign some of the blame to her.

However, once the trucking company accepted all of the responsibility, the passenger car driver was essentially dismissed from the case.

The victim and the trucking company agreed to the $11 million settlement just before the trail was due to begin.

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We’re very thankful that the Army combat medic just happened to be on the road at that particular time. If not, the victim in this case may have indeed lost his life.

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