Learn How To Spot a Drunk Driver

Woman Awarded $8 Million

If you do not have a compelling reason to be on the roads and highways over the July 4th holiday, then take our advice and stay home. That’s because drunk driving crashes traditionally increase significantly over the holiday – making it one of the deadliest times to be out and about. We’ll talk about it … Read more

Tiger Woods DUI Arrest Classic Case of Drugged Driving

Alaska Truck Accidents

When pro golfer Tiger Woods was arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) on May 29, the immediate suspicion of many was that he had too much to drink. Evidence later proved, however, that his was a classic case of what can happen when someone drives under the influence of prescription drugs. It’s … Read more

Find Out How Sidewalk Fall Led to $48,000 Settlement

Sidewalk Fall Led

A woman who had just finished with an eye examination before tripping on a public sidewalk and injuring her shoulder has agreed to a $48,000 settlement with a city municipality. In this issue, we’ll tell you what happened. The Case at a Glance The victim had just been treated by an eye doctor when she … Read more

Why Is Alaska Ranked 20th in States With Worst DUI Problems?

Alaska Ranked 20th in States

In a March report about the best and worst states in terms of problems with drunk driving, Alaska ranked 20th. In this issue, we’ll delve deeper into the numbers. The Study at a Glance Researchers with BackgroundChecks.org released their report on March 9. In it, they used 2015 data from the Centers for Disease Control … Read more