Find Out How Sidewalk Fall Led to $48,000 Settlement

A woman who had just finished with an eye examination before tripping on a public sidewalk and injuring her shoulder has agreed to a $48,000 settlement with a city municipality.

In this issue, we’ll tell you what happened.

The Case at a Glance

The victim had just been treated by an eye doctor when she tripped on a sidewalk in Santa Monica, California. Even though she had eye drops administered during her visit with the doctor, a vision test she had taken just before leaving indicated she could see fine.

The impact from her fall caused a dislocated shoulder, and required surgery to repair.

Defective Sidewalk Known to Officials

According to reports, the sidewalk had a defect, which resulted in a two-inch difference between two panels of concrete. It was on a list of 3,000 Santa Monica sidewalks to be repaired, but no repairs had been made at the time of the victim’s fall.

When the sidewalk was inspected in 2014, it was reported that the height differential was less than an inch.

The lawyer representing the victim said, “We suspect that the last inspection was not done properly.”

Injuries from Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazards

Incidents like the one above are far too common. In fact, at least a million people are treated in emergency rooms each year from such incidents. That’s in addition to the millions of other similar incidents that go unreported.

Common injuries from such incidents include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and even death.

Regardless of how serious the incident, however, all victims have the right to be treated with respect and be compensated by the negligent party. In the case above, the negligent party was the City of Santa Monica.

If You’re Involved in a Slip-and-Fall Incident…

In a previous issue, we shared advice for what to do if you’re involved in such an incident to increase the likelihood of you being properly compensated.

  • Report the Fall
    Before you leave the site, it’s vital that you document the incident with the business, individual or organization. Not doing this means that you could lose out on valuable evidence, including video surveillance, witness identification, etc.
  • Do No Say That You’re “OK”
    Injuries from falls can take a while to manifest themselves. Serious and long-lasting damage – often not seen or felt until days later – can easily be done to your muscles and tendons.
  • Get To A Doctor
    A full examination complete with documentation is key to proving your injuries.

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