Woman Awarded $8 Million After Being Rear-Ended by Drunk Driver

Woman Awarded $8 Million

A woman whose car was rear-ended by an apparent drunk driver has been awarded an $8 million verdict by a jury. We say “apparent drunk driver” because the case took an odd turn as the driver was being taken to the police station. In this issue, we’ll talk about what happened. The Case at a … Read more

Learn How to Drive Safer Around Big Rigs

Learn How to Drive Safer Around Big Rigs

Even though large trucks make up only 4% of all road traffic, 12% of all fatal vehicle accidents involve large trucks.

Because large trucks have significant operating limitations (blind spots, longer stopping distances and the need for wider-than-normal turns), it’s essential other drivers respect these limitations by knowing how to take extra steps when driving near them.

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Man Turns Down $300,000 Offer; Wins $3 Million Instead

Man Turns Down $300,000 Offer

A man who suffered a host of injuries after his car was struck by a 48-foot tractor-trailer truck wisely rejected a $300,000 pre-trial offer from the trucking company and took his case to court. His reward? A judgment of $3 million in his favor. It’s another example of why it makes sense to turn down … Read more

Mother Kicked Out Of Courtroom For Laughing During DUI Trial

Mother Kicked Out Of Courtroom

A judge disgusted by the sickening behavior by the mother of a woman

who admitted to driving drunk when she struck and killed another driver ordered her to spend time in jail for her callousness.

It was a scene captured on camera and watched by millions around the country. We’ll talk about it in this issue.

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