4 Tips For Surviving a Car Crash

 Virtually every minute of every day, there is an auto accident in the U.S. That’s according to data from the National Highway Traffic Association. The most commonly reported injuries from car accidents run the gamut, from brain and head trauma, spinal cord injuries, and facial wounds to internal injuries and psychological scarring.

In this issue, the Alaska car injury lawyers with Barber & Associates, LLC will share tips for surviving a car crash with as little injury as possible.

Who is most likely to suffer the most injuries from a car crash?

While each case is different, it’s usually the driver and passengers in the car that’s being hit who are most vulnerable to injury. That because the person causing the crash typically hits the other vehicle head-on, and that’s where a vehicle’s best safety features are located, including the airbag in the steering wheel and the “crumple zones” in the front of a vehicle.

The victim, however, is often being in the side, hit from behind or from an odd angle.

Tips for Surviving a Car Crash

  1. Always wear your seatbelt.
    Whether you’re going down the road to the store or on a long journey, your seatbelt is your primary lifesaver and protector. It keeps you from being thrust into the steering wheel, ejected from the vehicle, or being tossed about inside.
  2. Keep your hands in the “9” and “3” positions.
    While the most commonly heard advice is to keep your hands at the “10 and “12” positions, lowering them just a bit can prevent any interference with the deployment of your airbag.
  3. Keep projectiles secured.
    In the event of a car crash, practically any loose item can become a projectile, and cause serious injury. Instead of placing them on a car seat, store them in the trunk.
  4. Drive defensively.
    While this term can sound vague, it actually refers to keeping your full attention on the road. This includes:

    1. Constantly scanning the roadway for potential trouble
    2. Remaining at least two seconds behind the car directly in front of you
    3. Identifying and staying away from drivers who you feel are too aggressive
    4. Driving in a way dictated by the weather (this includes slowing down in times of rain and snow, and remaining further behind vehicles in front of you).

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