Woman’s Apartment Complex Owner Ordered to Pay $1.3 Million for Fall

A woman who slipped and fell in an icy parking lot while placing her children into her car has been awarded $1.3 million from the owners of her apartment complex. That’s in addition to the $180,000 she received from a settlement with the snow removal contractor.

In this issue, the Alaska personal injury lawyers with Barber & Associates will share the specifics of the case, and steps you can take to secure proper compensation if you’re involved in a slip-and-fall accident.

The Case at a Glance

While placing one of her children into her car, the victim slipped on the frozen surface. The fall resulted in a broken ankle, which required two surgeries: one to insert pins and screws to set the ankle, and a second one to remove the material.

Even though she has been treated, the victim still experiences pain in the ankle and is dealing with the onset of arthritis because of the injury.

Settlement and Jury Award

After securing the services of a personal injury lawyer, the victim received a settlement of $180,000 in late June from the insurance provider of the snow removal company contracted to keep the parking lot clear of snow and ice.

In mid-July, a jury sided with the victim and her claims that the apartment complex owners were ultimately liable for the injuries, and awarded her $1.3 million.

What should I do if I experience a slip-and-fall injury?

Here’s the best course of action to take.

  1. See a doctor immediately – even if injuries haven’t made themselves known – so that documentation of your condition can begin.
  2. Report the incident to the person in charge. This can be a manager, landlord, owner, etc. In fact, you should ask the person to make a written report and provide you with a copy before leaving.
  3. Do not speak with the at-fault person’s insurance provider until you have secured an Alaska personal injury lawyer to represent your interests.

If you’ve experienced injuries from a fall caused by someone else, call the Alaska personal injury lawyers at Barber & Associates.

Millions of people are forced to seek medical treatment from slip-and-fall accidents each year. As medical bills pile up, lost wages can put you further in the hole.

To receive the compensation you deserve, call the Alaska personal injury lawyers with Barber & Associates. The first meeting is always free.

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