Find Out The Types of Compensation You’re Owed After a Car Accident

According to some experts, you can expect to be involved in a car accident once every 17 years. Of course, accidents can run the gamut from minor fender benders to those resulting in serious injuries and fatalities.

If you or someone you love is injured in a car accident because of someone else’s negligence, you may be deserving of financial compensation for your losses. In this issue, the Alaska personal injury lawyers with Barber & Associates will share in-depth information about the types of financial burdens you could be compensated for in a car accident personal injury claim.

Types of Compensation Potentially Owed to You After a Car Accident

Medical Costs

We advise Alaskans to be seen by a medical professional as soon as possible following a car accident. Even if you do not experience signs of injury immediately following your accident, a full medical examination is in your best interest because injuries can take time to reveal themselves.

Seeing medical personnel also creates a documentation trail that can prove essential if you choose to pursue legal action.

Among the more commonly associated medical expenses following car crashes are costs for:

  • Physical therapy
  • Ambulance transportation
  • On-going treatments
  • Medical supplies
  • Doctor’s office visits

Lost Wages

If your ability to earn a living is impacted by your car accident, your lost salary should be factored into any settlement offer or court judgement. To be properly compensated, however, your Alaska personal injury lawyer must be able to prove that your injuries are a direct result of your lost or decreased ability to earn money.

Property Damage

Vehicles aren’t cheap, so when yours is damaged by someone else, the costs to repair or replace it need to be factored into your compensation. In most instances, insurance adjustors will estimate the costs of the damage to your vehicle.

Pain and Suffering

Car accidents can be physically and mentally traumatic experiences. When pain and suffering is discussed in car accident personal injury claims, it’s usually because the victim has lost at least some aspect of their quality of life.

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