This Man Turned Down a $50,000 Settlement Offer But Was Awarded $1.63 Million

After being offered just $50,000 by his employer following an injury on the job, a former employer was awarded $1.63 million by a jury.

Rather than taking the low-ball settlement offer, the victim was wise to secure the services of a personal injury lawyer who was not afraid to take the case all the way to court.

In this issue, the Alaska personal injury lawyers will talk about the specifics of the case, and the importance of selecting a lawyer with the courage to refuse a settlement and proceed to court.

The Case at a Glance

The victim was injured while working as a maintenance worker for a railway company. On the day of the incident, an 83-pound rail rack not properly secured hit to a flatbed truck during transportation slipped from the truck and hit him.

The impact led to head, back, and leg injuries. The injuries resulted in severely impacting the victim’s earning potential.

Why The Employer Offered Such a Low Settlement

While the employer admitted that safety pins should have been in place to secure the rail rack, they doubted the severity of the victim’s injury. They – or rather, their insurance provided – figured the victim would jump to accept the $50,000 settlement offer.

Instead, the victim – on the advice of his personal injury lawyer – wisely rejected the offer and took the case to court, where a jury found the employer to be fully liable.

Why You Need to Select a Personal Injury Lawyer Unafraid to Go to Court

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, your lawyer’s first move will be to try to reach a settlement with the insurance provider of the at-fault person or business.

Unfortunately, many lawyers will advise their clients to accept a settlement merely so they can move onto their next case.

That’s why you need a personal injury lawyer, like the ones at Barber & Associates, who have the courage to fight solely for the best interest of their clients and take the case to court if an acceptable and fair settlement is not possible.

If you’re injured on the job or by someone else, call the personal injury lawyers at Barber & Associates.

We’ll aggressively fight on your behalf to secure justice and compensation to cover medical bills and lost wages.

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