Learn These 3 Tips for Avoiding Seatbelt Injuries

Wearing your seat belt is essential for your protection on the road. It’s also mandated by Alaska state law. While buckling up is indeed the most important step when you get behind the wheel, it’s equally important to make sure you’re doing it the right way.

Not doing so can easily result in serious bodily injuries.

In this issue, the Alaska personal injury lawyers with Barber & Associates will talk about some of the more commonly reported injuries resulting from improper seatbelt use, and provide tips for making sure you’re buckling up the right way.

How can a seatbelt cause an injury?

As long as you’re wearing your seatbelt correctly, the worst injuries you should experience are light bruising.

If you’re wearing the seatbelt incorrectly, though, you’re putting your body at great risk for these and other injuries.

  • Bruised or fractured ribs that can lead to tremendous pain for several months.
  • A severely bruised or injured sternum (the bone that attaches your ribs to the middle of your chest), which can translate to danger to your lungs and heart.
  • Injuries to the soft tissue, tendons and muscle fibers in your shoulder, greatly reducing your range of arm mobility.
  • Deep bruising to the soft tissues and organs in the abdomen.
  • Spinal fractures that can lead to herniated discs or even paralysis.

What is the right way to wear a seat belt?

By following just a few simple steps, you can ensure you’re wearing your seatbelt correctly and will be protected as strongly as possible.

  1. It’s all about position.
    Align your body with your seat and sit up straight before putting the seatbelt on. Any slouching can lead to slack.
  2. Take advantage of the shoulder strap.
    While some drivers may be tempted to put the shoulder strap behind them to avoid wrinkled clothes, doing so could result in more force to your abdomen during an emergency stop or accident.
  3. Get rid of the slack.
    If there’s any slack in your seatbelt, take the time to make adjustments before pulling onto the road.

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