Discover These Tips for Staying Safe on Alaska Roads this Winter

The remote areas of Alaska coupled with the state’s often treacherous weather conditions means that traveling on roads in the Frontier State can be far more dangerous than other locations.

In this issue, the Alaska personal injury lawyers with Barber & Associates will give you a few tips for staying safe on the road. This information is valuable to all drivers in our state – from the native Alaskan to the new arrivals.

  1. Knowledge is power, so before getting on the road, check the weather.
    Because Alaska weather is so erratic, it’s important to get the absolute latest forecast before venturing out onto the roads.

    You can check up on weather alerts and traffic advisories through the Alaska Department of Transportation and the National Weather Service.

  2. Check the health of your vehicle.
    This actually doesn’t take as long as you may think, and ensuring your vehicle is in good running condition will reduce the odds of you being involved in an accident or experiencing car trouble on the road.

Here are some basic things to look for.

  • Making sure your tires are properly balanced and have the right air pressure (your owner’s manual should tell you the proper level)
  • Testing your brakes.
    If you’re smelling brake fluid when you come to a stop, one of your brakes may be stuck. Making sure you’re able to bring your vehicle to a stop is vital to being able to drive safely.
  • Check on the battery.
    Given the cold Alaska temperatures, a fully charged battery is essential.
  • Top off your car’s fluids.
    This includes your vehicle’s oil, brake fluid, windshield washer, and anti-freeze.
  • Stock up on provisions – just in case an accident occurs.
    If you’re stuck on an Alaska roadway during the winter, you’re definitely at risk of serious consequences.

Because none us know when an accident will occur, make sure you pack a few necessities in the trunk of your vehicle. Essential items include:

  • Charger for your phone
  • Blankets and gloves
  • Canned food that has a long shelf-life
  • Bottled water
  • Flares
  • Snow shovel.

Taking these few extra steps of preparedness can go a long way in helping you reach your destination safely.

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