What You Should Say and Should Not Say Right After Your Car Accident

No matter how many precautions you take while behind the wheel, being involved in a car accident can still leave you reeling. The shock of the moment and the ensuing rush to make sure everyone is ok can leave you in a haze of confusion.

If you’re physically able, being able to talk with the other driver(s) is essential – especially later on when your mind is clear if you seek to take legal action to recover costs for medical bills, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Keep in mind that you need to walk a fine line during your conversations with the other driver(s).

How to Speak with the Other Driver after a Car Accident

By saying too much, you risk making yourself legally vulnerable during a potential personal injury claim. However, you will need a few bits of essential information from the other driver(s).

Here’s what you need to be sure you ask for:

  • The name of the driver
  • Their contact information…including their phone number and address
  • Their insurance information…including provider and policy number, if possible
  • The registration numbers of all vehicles involved.

Information You Should Provide

While you should provide the same information about yourself to the other driver(s), you should go no further.

As for injuries or any discomfort or pain you may feel, keep that information to yourself. If, at the accident scene, you say that you “feel fine,” you can bet the other driver’s insurance provider will use that information against you.

Remember, many injuries commonly associated with car accidents can take days or even weeks to reveal themselves.

Rather than relying on how you’re feeling in the immediate aftermath accident, it’s best to let your medical records speak for themselves – especially if you seek to recover costs through a personal injury claim.

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