Should You Get a Dashboard Camera?

A dashboard camera also referred to as a dashcam, is a tool that more and more drivers are choosing to install in their vehicles. This piece of equipment is placed inside the car, usually under your rearview mirror, and records the road ahead of you. New, more sleek-looking dash cams can be quite small, as not to impact your visibility. Some drivers also install dash cams on the back of their vehicles to keep an eye on those behind them.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a dashcam, here are a few factors to consider and potentially make the decision a bit easier.

Helps During a Hit and Run

A hit and run is even worse than a regular accident, as the guilty party doesn’t even stick around to help with the aftermath. A dashcam, though, can make the entire experience a little less painful. Having a dashcam record the entire experience will help you immensely.

Your dash cam can get a video of the accident, along with a perfect view of the guilty party. This way, you won’t have to rack your brain trying to remember the make, model, and license plate of the other car. Usually, people have to rely on witnesses or security cameras in parking lots to get good footage, but now you have the power to do that yourself!

Documents Accidents

Dealing with a car accident is stressful, and can be made even worse when the other person contests your recollection of events. When the other driver is at fault, they very well may debate the details, and lie to protect themselves and insurance rates.

With a dashcam, you can protect yourself from dishonest people. You’re equipped with hard evidence that shows exactly what happened and why the other person is at fault. This is an invaluable piece of footage that can save you plenty of stress in the future!

Catches Dangerous Drivers

We’ve all been on the road and seen erratic drivers speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. Reckless drivers of this kind can potentially cause a serious accident. With a dashcam, you can get a recording of their behavior, the make and model of their car, and their license plate. You can then use this information to call the non-emergency line of your local police station and report them. You may be preventing a future accident!

Prevents Car Theft

If you live in an area where car thefts are common, a dashcam may bring you peace of mind. Certain cameras can stay on through the night, so you can catch a glimpse of anyone who vandalizes, breaks into, or attempts to break into your car

Records a Roadtrip

A more uplifting and happy reason to get a dashcam is if you’re doing a major road trip and want to record it. Traveling around the country, through majestic mountains and lovely landscapes, you may want to keep those memories via dashcam.

Careful Considerations

On the other hand, there can be some negatives if you decide to get a dashcam.

If you cause an accident, there’s going to be plenty of evidence against you. If you speed through a school zone, a dashcam may have clocked in your speed and location, which is a huge problem. Some dashcams even face inside the vehicle, so if you’re guilty of texting and driving, it’ll have video evidence of you committing that crime.

In addition, if you buy a cheap dashcam it may not make any difference at all. It could have low-quality recordings that don’t really show the situation well enough for any legal action to be taken against the other driver.

So, what will you decide?

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