Summer Fun Can Lead To Injury

Summer is in full swing, and everyone is heading outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures. While it is great to have a fun day outdoors, you should also be aware that certain types of accidents are more likely during warm weather. It is a good idea to be prepared and take precautions to avoid an injury that could ruin your outdoor activities!

What Types of Injuries are Most Common During Summer?

Because people are outside a lot in the warm months, outdoor injuries tend to be more common than indoor injuries.  Here are a few common types of summer injuries that land people in the emergency room every year:

  • Vehicle accidents. Car accidents occur at all times of the year, but they are more likely to happen when there are more people on the road.  The chances of being involved in a car accident typically go up when highways are crowded, so be aware of others and drive defensively.
  • Motorcycle accidents. Because so many riders bring out their bikes during the summer months, motorcycle accidents typically rise at this time.  It is critical that you practice defensive driving when you are on a motorcycle, as many people drive more aggressively around motorcycle riders than other car drivers.  Be aware that you are vulnerable and act accordingly.
  • ATV accidents. ATVs are fun and exciting, but they can also be very dangerous.  Only ride in approved areas, and be sure to wear head protection at all times.  Never exceed the number of riders safely permitted on an ATV; many accidents involved passengers who were thrown from the vehicle and seriously injured.
  • Swimming accidents. Every year, people are hurt or killed while swimming in Alaska.  It is very important to swim only in safe areas, to partner with others, and never swim alone.  If you are not a strong swimmer, take lessons first or go with a buddy who can help you if needed.  Better yet, swim in areas where there are lifeguards on duty who can assist if you get into trouble.
  • Boating accidents. People are often injured when operators mix alcohol with boating.  Never drive a boat while drinking or ride in one in which alcohol is being consumed by the driver.  Further, stay in well-patrolled boating areas and keep speed to safe levels.  If you are pulling skiers or wakeboarders, be sure to monitor the activity at all times.  Before going out in a boat, be sure that the craft is in good repair and take-along emergency equipment.

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