Five Things To Do After A Vehicle Accident

A vehicle crash is a frightening event that can leave you perplexed about what to do next.  If you are wondering what to do after a vehicle accident, here are five steps you can take immediately that will protect you and improve your chances of recovering compensation for your injuries.

  • Call 911. Even if your car crash appears to be very minor, it is important to call emergency services and get them involved.  This is because you may not be aware of the extent of your own or someone else’s injuries.  Furthermore, you want a police report made of the accident so that you have documentation of what happened.
  • Accept medical treatment. If you are offered a medical examination by the first responders, accept it.  Too many people compromise a later medical claim by refusing treatment at the scene of an accident.  Instead of assuming you are fine, let the professionals examine you.  If you later develop pain or other problems, you will have on record your condition at the time of the accident.
  • Determine insurance coverage. If possible, it is important to know what type of insurance coverage the other driver has. Take a photo of his or her insurance card, or ask the responding officer to find out about insurance coverage.  If the other driver has no insurance or cannot produce proof of insurance, as the responding officer to note that in the report as well.
  • Take photos. Unless you are unable to do so due to physical injury, it is a good idea to take photos at the scene from every angle of your car, the other car, and any reported injuries.  This can help you disprove later claims of injuries that were not present at the scene or of damage to a vehicle that did not exist at the time of the crash.  Furthermore, it will help your insurance company assess your own damage and your attorney document your injuries and those of your passengers.
  • Call an attorney. As soon as you have been treated for your injuries, you should call a personal injury attorney and begin the process of filing a claim.  There is nothing to be gained by waiting!  The sooner you begin gathering evidence and information for your personal injury case, the more likely you will be to document everything necessary to secure a good settlement.  Remember, evidence tends to disappear quickly, so having an attorney working for you immediately is one of the best ways to ensure that your rights are protected.

At Barber & Associates, we have been working with the victims of Alaska car accidents for many years.  We help victims recover money to pay for medical bills, property damage, lost wages and other costs associated with an accident, whether the vehicle was a car, truck, motorcycle, ATV or other type of vehicle.  If you need help recovering compensation for your injuries, call us today to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who cares about you and your case!

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