Man Turns Down $300,000 Offer; Wins $3 Million Instead

Man Turns Down $300,000 Offer

A man who suffered a host of injuries after his car was struck by a 48-foot tractor-trailer truck wisely rejected a $300,000 pre-trial offer from the trucking company and took his case to court. His reward? A judgment of $3 million in his favor. It’s another example of why it makes sense to turn down … Read more

Putting a Dollar Figure on Your Pain and Suffering

Putting a Dollar Figure

If you’ve been hurt because of someone else’s negligence, you can probably seek compensation from a third party (i.e. the insurance provider of the at-fault party) through a personal injury lawsuit. But how are numbers for pain and suffering reached? In this article, we’ll talk about it.

Pain & Suffering Defined

Simply put, physical pain and suffering is the pain experienced from actual physical injuries and any detrimental effects anticipated to be experienced in the future because of the injury.

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