You’ll Never Guess Why This Family is Suing Alaska Airlines

Suing Alaska Airlines

While mistakes can be made by anyone – including trained professionals – the consequences can often be deadly.

When someone loses his or her life because of someone else’s negligence, surviving family members often have no other option than to file a wrongful death lawsuit to cover a host of expenses, including medical bills, lost income, burial and funeral expenses and the emotional cost of unexpectedly losing a loved one.

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Man Who Fled A Deadly Wreck Loses $7 Million Wrongful Death Case

Man Who Fled A Deadly Wreck Loses

A rear-end crash caused by a man in a speeding pickup truck led to the death of a man in another car and a wrongful death lawsuit award of $7 million for his widow. The Case at a Glance The accident occurred when the victim’s vehicle – stopped at a traffic signal – was slammed … Read more