I Did Not Think I Was Injured

Personal injury lawyers hear certain statements quite frequently, and one that is often repeated in a personal injury attorney’s office is, “But I did not think I was injured!” This statement is usually in response to a question such as, “Why did you refuse medical treatment?” or “Why did you not go to a doctor?”

Please understand that when a personal injury lawyer asks these questions

He or she is simply looking at the case the way the jury will perceive it. It is perfectly normal for people to believe they are fine after an accident, only to find a day or two later than they actually sustained injuries. In some cases, such as whiplash, symptoms may not appear for up to a week or so after the injury.

Unfortunately, during this time, many victims of auto accidents settle for relatively small amounts of money. Insurance companies are well aware that if they can get you to sign away your rights during the crucial 48 hours after a car crash, you will lose the right to sue them later for more money. Because they have so much at stake, it is not unusual for an insurance company to pursue the victim even to the point of coming to the person’s home or place of employment to secure that all-important signature on a waiver. Once you have signed and accepted a check from them, it is very difficult to reopen your personal injury case.

What Should I Do Immediately After an Accident?

Even if you do not believe that you have been injured, it is always better to get a doctor’s opinion. The fact that you are not yet experiencing pain does not mean that you will not, at some point, suffer from an injury. In fact, your body often blocks pain immediately after an accident as a defense mechanism. The next day, you may be much sorer and more bruised than you believed at the time!

Furthermore, a doctor can also check you for future complications with conditions you may already have. For example, if you are older, your doctor may warn you to be careful with your hip or other parts of your body that may have been weakened, though not actually broken, in a crash.

Finally, you should speak to a personal injury attorney regardless of the outcome of the doctor’s examination. The attorneys at Barber and Associates, LLC in Anchorage are ready to help you recover compensation for your car accident, so make an appointment for a free consultation today.

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