The Three Signs You May Have a Neck Injury

Neck injuries are one of the most common types of personal injuries, particularly after a car accident or slip and fall.  However, it is not always easy to tell when you have suffered a neck injury, and many victims fail to seek prompt treatment as a result.  How can you tell if you have a neck injury, and what should you do if you suspect you may have sustained trauma to your neck?  

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Spinal Cord Injuries Can Impair Heart Function

According to a recent clinical study, people who have suffered spinal cord injuries also suffer from an associated increased risk of chronic heart function problems.  The study examined individuals who have suffered an SCI and compared their heart function at various stages to those in other groups.  They found that early interventions, particularly those that … Read more

Spinal Cord Accidents Per Year in USA

Spinal cord injuries, or SCIs, account for tens of thousands of accidents across the United States.  More than 300,000 people are living with SCIs at any given time in this country.  Spinal cord damage remains one of the leading causes of permanent disability and death among accident victims.  Here are a few facts about SCIs and how they impact Americans every day.

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Can Comparative Negligence Reduce My Claim?

If you have been injured by another party’s negligence, it is only right that you receive compensation from that person or entity to pay for your damages.  You may have medical bills, legal bills, and increased living expenses that quickly add up.  Many victims file personal injury lawsuits against the person, company or agency responsible for their injuries.  However, in some cases, the defendant tries to show that the victim was also at fault–at least partially.  Those cases are what are known as “comparative negligence” cases, and they can result in a reduction of the amount the victim can recover.  In some cases, the victim in a comparative negligence case may recover nothing at all.

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What Are The Worst Types of Personal Injury?

Personal injury encompasses a wide variety of injuries and illnesses caused by someone else’s negligence.  Everything from food poisoning to dog bites can be considered a personal injury if someone else was responsible for the harm caused to another person.  However, there are some types of personal injury that cause much more devastating and long-lasting damage than others.  Among the worst types of personal injuries, excluding wrongful death, are traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and spinal cord injuries (SCIs).

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