Holding Bars & Restaurants Responsible for Drunk Driving Injuries

Drunk drivers aren’t the only ones who can be held responsible for injuries they cause. Thanks to dram laws, bars and restaurants can also be found liable.

Dram Laws in Alaska at a Glance

In general, licensed alcohol providers in Alaska have immunity from liability when a drunk driver causes injuries. There are exceptions, though. They CAN be held liable if:

  • They provide alcohol to a person under 21, and
  • They serve alcohol to someone who is already drunk.

How to Prove Liability

Before an establishment can be deemed even partly responsible for injuries caused by a drunk driver, it must first be proven that the driver was indeed already drunk when they were served alcohol.

To do this, it’s important to know what being drunk actually means. Here in Alaska, there are two requirements that will satisfy that classification:

  1. The driver’s physical and mental capacity has been substantially diminished because of alcohol, and
  2. The driver showed easily identifiable behavior of someone who has had too much alcohol. This can be proven through watching for telltale signs like slurred speech and inability to maintain balance.

Let Barber & Associates LLC Fight for You

If you’ve been injured by the recklessness of a drunk driver, you’ve already got enough on your mind. You need skilled legal representation to ensure that you are compensated properly – in a method that will cover all of the associated costs, including medical bills, lost wages, child care, etc.

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