Why 4 Businesses Settled With This Man for $7 Million in Slip-And-Fall Case

A man who was seriously injured after he fell on an icy but unsalted bank parking lot has settled his slip-and-fall personal injury lawsuit for $7 million. Of course, it’s not surprising that a surface changed by weather was a contributing factor in the victim’s fall. Even though the case made its way to the courtroom, the defendants decided it was in their best interest to settle before a court judgment was given.

In this issue, the Alaska personal injury lawyers with Barber & Associates will talk more about this case, and why relying upon the expertise of a skilled lawyer is your safest bet in securing justice and the financial compensation you deserve if you’re injured by someone else’s negligence.

The Case at a Glance

The victim fell in the Bank of America parking lot while he was walking to the bank’s ATM. Even though the bank had hired a subcontractor to treat the parking lot, the area was covered with ice and had not been treated with salt.

When the victim fell, he struck his head on the pavement and experienced a serious head injury. As a result, he was left partially paralyzed and unable to return to work.

Who will pay the $7 million?

There were several parties with legal responsibilities to ensure the safety of the parking lot. The victim and his personal injury lawyer filed claims against the property owner, the Bank of America branch, the subcontractor that leased the building, and the landscaping service it hired to maintain the sidewalk.

Why did the case settle?

It’s quite common for personal injury cases to be settled through negotiations between a victim’s lawyer and the insurance provider of the at-fault party or parties. Keep in mind that a settlement is possible at any time before a court judgment is given, either by a judge or jury.

As soon as your personal injury lawyer has had an opportunity to examine the facts of your case, the attempted negotiation process will begin in earnest. In some instances, the at-fault person’s insurance provider will try to “run out the clock” and drag out the process, only to eventually settle for a reasonable amount rather than risk a court judgment for potentially much more money.

If you’ve experienced injuries from a fall caused by someone else, call the Alaska personal injury lawyers at Barber & Associates.

Millions of people are forced to seek medical treatment from slip-and-fall accidents each year. As medical bills pile up, lost wages can put you further in the hole.

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