Car Accident Statistics for 2021

Vehicle accident statistics for each calendar year are published by various organizations, and statistics for 2021 are beginning to come in.  Unfortunately, despite the fact that most of 2021 included times when lockdowns were occurring across the country, sources report that vehicle fatalities rose at the fastest rate in nearly 50 years.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were more than 30,000 highway fatalities in the first nine months of 2021, putting the year on course to have the largest surge in vehicle deaths in 50 years.  Experts attribute this increase in part to gradual lifting of pandemic restrictions, which put more people on the road.  However, they also note that riskier driving throughout the pandemic period in 2020-2021 lead to a 4.6 percent increase in the first nine months of 2020.  These increases follow several years of decreases leading up to 2019, one of the lowest car crash death years on record.

It is unclear what is leading to this increase in recklessness on the part of drivers across the country.  Some of it may be attributed to people returning to crowded commutes after some time working at home; these drivers may be less likely to take precautions that become second nature when commuting every day.  The trend may also indicate a larger trend of “road rage,” in which drivers become unreasonably angry at any perceived issue on the part of other drivers.  Road rage can lead to serious accidents and even death.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains:  more people than ever are dying in highway accidents, and many more are being injured.

What Can I Do If I Am The Victim of Another Driver’s Negligence?

If you are the victim of an accident caused by a negligent driver, there are several types of compensation you may be able to collect:

  • Medical expenses. If you or a loved one are injured in a car accident, it is likely that you will have some medical bills.  These expenses may be paid by an insurance company, but if not, you may have to file a personal injury lawsuit to have them paid.
  • Lost wages. Medical bills are not the only expenses that vehicle accident victims incur.  There are also lost wages from the times they are unable to work.  This may include actual wages as well as lost commissions and other work-related expenses.
  • Living expenses. Sometimes, accident victims incur expenses related to travel as well as changed living conditions.  For example, some victims must have handrails installed in their homes or wheelchair ramps built for their doorways.
  • Wrongful death. The family members of a person killed by a negligent driver may have a claim against that driver for their loved one’s loss of life.

At Barber & Associates, we have spent many years helping vehicle accident victims recover these and other types of expenses.  If you have been the victim of a car crash and you suffered losses or injuries, give us a call today to see how we can help.

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