Can “Dancing Molecules” Fix Spinal Cord Injuries?

Scientists from the Air Force Research Laboratory and Northwestern University recently received some amazing news from one of their studies:  a novel injectable treatment has shown promise in reversing the paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries.

“Dancing Molecules” Prompt Healing in Spinal Cells

According to the study, specially created structures known as “dancing molecules” were manipulated into forming fibers.  These fibers were then injected into mice with spinal cord injuries.  Within four weeks, the mice showed a reversal of paralysis.

Scientists believe that the molecules, which are a type of nano molecules suspended in a liquid, form a protective casing around the spinal cord.  This then creates a bridge between damaged spinal cord cells and healthy ones, giving the brain’s signals a way to interact with other parts of the body such as the arms, legs, and neck.  While the research is still in its early stages, the idea of recreating pathways for the brain’s signals to travel holds promise for those suffering from SCIs.  Perhaps, in the near future, this same technology may be available to humans who have suffered these devastating injuries, easing or even reversing the damage done to their spinal pathways.

Spinal Cord Injuries–A Lifetime Issue

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are taken to hospitals and emergency rooms after a spinal cord injury.  Many of these victims will suffer permanent, life-altering damage as a result of this trauma.  SCIs have been shown to significantly decrease life span in some cases and to permanently alter the health and quality of life of victims.

While victims may not yet have access to the latest treatments and technologies, they can have a better life with proper medical care.  Spinal cord injuries can cost millions of dollars over a lifetime.  These costs come in the form of therapy, additional medical bills and supplies, changes to living conditions, loss of career prospects or jobs, and many other expenses.  Only when a spinal cord victim holds those who caused the injury responsible and is awarded the proper amount for his or her injury is justice served.

One way to ensure that spinal cord victims have access to the latest treatments and medical interventions is to file a personal injury lawsuit.  In order to recover the most money for such a suit, it is often a good idea to consult an attorney with experience in spinal cord injuries.  Trying to handle a spinal cord injury case without the help of an experienced attorney often means that the victim will not recover compensation sufficient to pay for a lifetime of treatment.

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