What Should You Do After a Crash?

It happens to most of us at some point: we are involved in a traffic accident. For many of us, these accidents will be very minor and soon forgotten after the insurance information is exchanged and the car is fixed. However, about half of all crashes involve some form of personal injury, and these accidents can quickly become much more complicated in terms of collecting damages.

If you are involved in a crash, what steps should you take to protect yourself and ensure that you have the money you need to pay for your medical treatments and other expenses?

Barber and Associates, LLC, a personal injury law firm in Anchorage

Offers the following advice.

  • First, seek medical attention. No matter what happens, you must take care of your health. You should never turn down the opportunity to get checked by professional medical personnel after a crash, even if you do not believe you have been injured. Certain injuries such as whiplash may not show symptoms for several days after a crash.
  • Next, collect all records. You should try to have, at a minimum, all of your medical bills, copies of the accident report, statements by any witnesses to the crash and photos of the damage caused to you and the vehicle as well as shots of the accident scene. If you do not have these items, try to get them, but do not avoid visiting an attorney if you do not have this evidence.
  • Do not discuss your case with anyone else. There is a strong probability that you will receive calls from insurance adjustors or others who want you to settle quickly. Do not talk to these people, as their primary objective may be to discredit you early in the process so that you cannot collect damages. Many cases have been lost by talking to those who represent the “other side.”
  • Finally, visit a personal injury attorney such as those at Barber and Associates, LLC. A personal injury attorney can speak with the insurance company and ensure that you are treated fairly. If you try to handle the case yourself, the chances are that you will not get as much money as you might if you have the help of an attorney.

Barber and Associates, LLC are ready to help you recover all the damages possible in your car accident case. Contact them today for more information.

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