Take The Pledge To Avoid Distracted Driving

Deaths from distracted driving are on the rise. According to numbers from the National Safety Council (NSC), over 40,000 people lost their lives last year because of vehicle crashes caused directly by distracted driving.

The NSC has proclaimed the month of April to be Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and is encouraging all drivers to take the pledge to be an attentive driver.

In this issue, we’ll talk more about the perils of distracted driving as well as share information about how you can take proactive measures to avoid taking part in it.

How serious is the danger of being injured by a distracted driver?

A study carried out by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that distracted driving is the top concern for travelers. In fact, concerns about distracted driving topped fears of aggressive driving and drunk driving.

A huge problem, however, is that many drivers do not follow-up on what they say. About half of the drivers surveyed by AAA admitted to talking on a hand-held cellphone while driving, and another 35% admitted to sending a text or email while behind the wheel.

As for how dangerous distracted driving can be, a previous study confirmed that drivers who talk on a cellphone while driving are four (4) times more likely to be involved in a crash while those who send a text are eight (8) times more likely to be in a wreck.

What is the pledge to be an attentive driver, and why should I take it?

In essence, taking the pledge is a way for you to promise yourself and your family and friends that you will not be a distracted driver.

By taking the pledge to be an attentive driver, you’re agreeing to:

  • reading, composing and sending text messages before you begin driving;
  • turning off your cell phone when you get behind the wheel;
  • utilizing voice features in your car’s infotainment system (Bluetooth, hands-free, etc.);
  • avoiding making updates to social media platforms; and
  • entering your destination into your cellphone GPS app before you put the gear in “drive.”

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