Find Out How Poor Maintenance Often Leads to Large Truck Accidents

The driver of a tanker truck triggered a nine-vehicle accident after his truck experienced brake failure. Nine people – one with serious injuries – were treated at local hospitals afterward.

Further investigation discovered that the truck’s owner had been cited 16 times previously for “unsafe driving.”

Even though they’re required to conduct regular maintenance on their vehicles, many large truck owners simply fail to do so – and the consequences are often deadly.

In this issue, the Alaska personal injury lawyers with Barber & Associates will talk more about the maintenance requirements of large truck owners, and the most common maintenance-related issues that lead to large truck accidents.

What kind of maintenance are large commercial truck owners required to do?

By law, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates the oversight of commercial truck owners.

The agency’s guidelines state that truck drivers are required to log details about vehicle systems that are working well and which ones need maintenance. Also required are routine inspections of the truck’s braking, exhaust, steering, and fuel systems as well as the tires.

Common failures that can lead to large truck accidents include:

  • Failure to secure cargo with safety devices
  • Not maintaining proper tire pressure and balance
  • Not replacing brakes that are worn out
  • Failure to repair or replace the truck’s suspension
  • Not replacing tires that are worn

If you’re injured in a large truck accident, call the Alaska personal injury lawyers at Barber & Associates.

If failures to properly maintain a large commercial truck can be proven, it is a violation of federal law, and the victim could be awarded significant financial compensation. Often weighing 80,000 pounds, large commercial trucks can cause a host of serious and life-threatening injuries to victims in other vehicles.

If you’re injured by a large truck, it’s in your best interest to leverage the expertise of a skilled Alaska personal injury lawyer.

Here at Barber & Associates, we’ve earned our reputation for aggressively fighting on behalf of Alaskans injured by others. We’ll fight on your behalf for justice and fair compensation so that you can concentrate completely on your recovery.

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