Here’s The Lowdown on Spinal Injuries

Here's The Lowdown on Spinal Injuries

A woman who required surgery for the spinal injuries she sustained in a car accident has settled her case for $1 million. In this issue, we’ll share the specifics of the woman’s case, and talk about spinal injuries in general. Why did the woman settle for $1 million? While she was driving westbound on an … Read more

Wreck, Spinal Injuries Lead to Largest Personal Injury Award in Colorado

Wreck, Spinal Injuries Lead

A car wreck that involved spinal cord and cervical injuries has led to a $52 million award – the largest personal injury award in Colorado history.

The Case at a Glance

As the victim was riding in her 1994 Honda Civic, another driver attempted a U-turn and drove across the median before crashing into the victim’s car. The Civic rolled multiple times, causing the woman to suffer the spinal cord and cervical injuries.

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Man With Cervical Spine Injury Settles for $26 Million

Cervical Spine Injury Settles

A lawn care worker paralyzed from spinal injuries after being thrown from a pickup truck has settled claims with several corporate defendants for over $26 million. Here’s What Happened Working for lawn care company TruGreen, the victim went off a road during a rain storm in a pickup truck owned by the company. Just 28-years-old … Read more

New Hope for SCI Victims

New Hope for SCI Victims

A new study presented at the November 2014 Society for Neuroscience convention holds promise that patients with severe spinal cord injuries may be able to breathe on their own without the help of a ventilator. This research represents a large step forward in efforts to reverse damage that is caused to the muscles of the … Read more