The Cost of Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Some people believe that personal injury lawsuits are filed in every accident case, but this is not true. Filing and maintaining a personal injury lawsuit is expensive and time-consuming for both parties, so attorneys are always looking for ways to settle these cases quickly and at little expense to the client.

Barber and Associates, LLC, personal injury attorneys in Anchorage, have been working with personal injury victims for many years. They know that when they can settle an accident case, victims can be paid more quickly and have fewer expenses. However, they also know that settling a case at all costs is not the way to get the best compensation for the victim. They will take a case to court if there is no hope of settling it for a fair sum.

What Is The Difference Between Settling and Trying A Case?

Settling a case out of court can save the victim thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees and other costs. Hiring expert witnesses, taking depositions, hiring investigators and other costs can quickly skyrocket the price of preparing for trial, and the attorney’s time during a trial is also very expensive. This means that, in most cases, it is in the victim’s best interest to settle the case before proceeding to court.

The same is true for the defendant. Having to pay to defend a personal injury lawsuit is very expensive, so some defendants simply cut their losses by settling. In fact, the fear of going to trial and having the jury return an expensive verdict is a great motivating factor for most defendants in settling the case.

However, it takes years of experience to know where to draw the line. Sometimes, a defendant simply will not part with a reasonable settlement and the case must go to try to try to win the judgment. This is always a gamble but, if the case is sound, it may pay off in a much higher verdict than the defendant was offering in settlement.

Barber and Associates, LLC, personal injury attorneys in Anchorage, Alaska, are ready to help you. With the help of these attorneys you may be able to recover sums for pain and suffering in addition to your economic damages such as hospital bills, doctor and drug expenses, lost wages and other costs associated with your accident.

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