Why Are More Pedestrians Becoming Victims?

In the age of safer vehicles that has us moving closer and closer to semi-automatic vehicles, it would be easy to assume that traffic deaths would decrease. A new report, however, reveals a trend in the opposite direction – particularly when it concerns pedestrians.

The stunning report confirms that the number of pedestrians killed in traffic has jumped by 11% from the previous year.

What’s going on? We’ll talk about it in this issue.

What did the report say about pedestrian deaths?

Released by the Governors Highway Safety Association, the report confirms the 11% jump in pedestrian deaths – the biggest increase ever in pedestrian fatalities over the course of one year.

In 2016, there were an estimated 5,997 pedestrian fatalities. In 2015, there were 5,376; in 2014, there were 4,910.

What’s causing the increase in pedestrian deaths?

Authors of the study say there are a host of possible factors that could be contributing to the uptick in pedestrian traffic deaths.

Among them are:

  • The sharp rise in the use of smartphones among walkers and drivers
  • An increase in the number of motor vehicle miles traveled, made possible by improved economic condition and low gas prices
  • More people opting to travel by foot

What’s being done about it?

What we’re essentially talking about is distracted driving and walking. Currently, most states – including Alaska – have laws against drivers texting while behind the wheel.

In early August, Honolulu became the first major U.S. city to ban pedestrians from using cellphones and other devices while crossing the street.

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