Find Out Why Walmart Owes Man More Than $7 Million For Fall

Retail giant Walmart will pay a man $7.5 million for injuries sustained after the man tripped and fell in one of their stores. Due to their high volume of foot traffic from employees and customers alike, big box stores are common locations for slip-and-fall accidents.

In this issue, the Alaska personal injury lawyers with Barber & Associates, LLC will explain the specifics of the case. If you or someone you love has experienced injuries from a slip-and-fall accident, call Barber & Associates for a free consultation at 907-276-5858.

The Case at a Glance

While reaching for a watermelon at a Walmart Superstore, the victim tripped from having his foot stuck in a wooden pallet. He fell and experienced a broken hip, along with several other injuries.

According to reports, the container holding the watermelon was on top of the pallet, which was not visible to the victim. When he turned towards his shopping cart, his foot became stuck, and he fell.

What the Jury Saw

As they watched security footage from the store, the jury witnessed a host of other customers become entangled by the pallet. During the trial, it was proven that most stores use pallet guards to prevent similar incidents.

In justifying the amount of the awarded verdict, the jury explained that the victim is no longer able to enjoy everyday activities. The Army veteran, who now must rely upon a walker to get around, was active before the incident, and played basketball three days a week with friends.

Common Injuries Associated with Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Injuries like the one experienced by the victim in the above case are common in slip-and-fall cases. In falling situations, a person’s entire body is exposed, and vulnerable to injuries, including:

  • Soft tissue damages (affecting muscles, ligaments and tendons)
  • Head injuries (including Traumatic Brain Injury)
  • Back and spinal cord injuries (these can, in turn, lead to other significant injuries throughout the body)
  • Sprains and fractures
  • Hip fractures.

If you experience a fall because of someone else’s negligence, call the Alaska slip-and-fall personal injury lawyers at Barber & Associates.

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