Distracted Driver’s Employer Settles With Victim’s Family for $6 Million

A waste collection company has agreed to pay the family of a young woman killed by one of its truckers a $6 million settlement. Additionally, the truck driver has been charged with homicide by vehicle and is facing prison time.

In this issue, the Alaska personal injury lawyers with Barber & Associates will talk about the specifics of the incident – including its disturbing cause.

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What caused the large truck accident?

Video obtained from inside the cab of the truck confirmed that the driver was distracted by looking at paperwork when he hit the victim, who was riding her bike in a lane designated for bicycle riders.

Sentencing of the Distracted Driver

The truck driver, who remained an employee of the company until his arrest, was sentenced to five years in prison for homicide by vehicle.

“In this case, the evidence took us to the conclusion that this was not an accident, that this was an unlawful act,” said the district attorney’s chief of homicide. “This was due in large part to inattention and disregard for the law, multiple laws.”

The Aftermath

In addition to settling with the victim’s family for $6 million, the company has agreed to provide $25,000 annually for the next five years to an organization committed to safe streets.

Also, the city in which the incident occurred agreed to move designated bike lanes to the left side of the road in the area to make cyclists more visible to drivers.

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